NASDAQ Stock Market


NASDAQ Stock Market

NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc. (NDAQ) is a United States public company that owns and operates the NASDAQ stock market and seven European stock exchanges in the Nordic and Baltic regions under the OMX banner. It is headquartered in New York City, and its Chief Executive Officer is Robert Greifeld.
In December 2005, the London Stock Exchange Group (LSE) rejected a £1.6 billion takeover offer from Macquarie Bank. The LSE described the offer as "derisory." It then received a bid in March 2006 for £2.4 billion from NASDAQ, which was also rejected by the LSE. NASDAQ later pulled its bid, and less than two weeks later on April 11, 2006, struck a deal with LSE's largest shareholder, Ameriprise Financial's Threadneedle Asset Management unit, to acquire all of that firm's stake, consisting of 35.4 million shares, at £11.75 per share. NASDAQ also purchased 2.69 million additional shares, resulting in a total stake of 15%. While the seller of those shares was undisclosed, it occurred simultaneously with a sale by Scottish Widows of 2.69 million shares. The move was seen as an effort to force LSE to negotiate either a partnership or eventual merger, as well as to block other suitors such as NYSE Group, owner of the New York Stock Exchange.
Subsequent purchases increased NASDAQ's stake to 29%, holding off competing bids for several months. However only a further 0.4% of shareholders accepted the offer by the deadline and therefore the offer was rejected on February 10, 2007.

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I was looking for quotes for non-U.S. companies that DON’T trade in the U.S. on their site and wasn't able to do this, I felt that lost at the whole thing. Also I wasn't able to find the description of some of the companies. I guess they lag in the way of convenience.

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